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– About FloTBI –

Each year over 2.8 million Emergency Room visits occur for head injuries, with up to 85% of these patients receiving computed tomography (CT) scans for mild traumatic brain injury. For those who receive a CT scan, 4 out of 5 find that there is nothing wrong; this equates to almost 2 million unnecessary CT scans every year, with this number rising dramatically on an annual basis. CT scan procedures -and the equipment they require- are limited in their availability and not cost-or-time-effective. Furthermore, repetitive CT scans have been shown to increase an individual’s lifetime risk of cancer.


Our goal at FloTBI is to reduce the number of unnecessary CT scans performed in the post-injury medical response protocol, and instead utilize the highly-reliable method of salivary biomarker diagnostics to rule out mTBI at the site of the injury.

Our intellectual property covers the administration of an on-site screen for salivary markers of head injury, the results of which will determine the patient’s need for subsequent Emergency Room transport and CT scan. This self-powered, handheld device is easy-to-use for any individual regardless of medical knowledge, and can be stocked on an as-needed basis for athletic events, at-home use, minute clinics or disaster relief efforts.


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