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FloTBI has developed a method to study salivary markers in TBI. In recent years, we have made attempts to manufacture a saliva test that can be used at home without specific training or need for intervention by medical personnel. The first commercial electrochemical POC test prototypes encompass an on-site screen for salivary markers of head injury that determines the need for diagnostic CT imaging. These devices are self-powered and easy to use; it is ideal for home use, field use  or disaster relief conditions.


HomER is a disposable saliva test for on-site determination of head injury. It is a lateral flow assay designed in a manner similar to the pregnancy test. The user applies saliva to a cotton swab on the device, and within minutes, receives a positive or negative result for whether they need to visit the Emergency Room. This technology is predicated on the strong predictability of head injuries from biomarker levels in saliva.


NoscanER is a medical-grade diagnostic device to be utilized in ambulances and Emergency Rooms when a more precise measurement of salivary biomarker levels is needed; whereas HomER provides a simple “Yes/No” for visiting the Emergency Room, NoscanER allows the EMT or doctor to carefully track changes in these readings over time. The device is an electrochemical reader that quantifies biomarker levels in saliva using well-established Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy methods.

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