In vitro Cell Culture Module

In contrast to other available models of the blood-brain barrier, the DIV-BBB respects the anatomical aspects of the in situ endothelial cell-astrocyte interactions and allows the formation of tight junctions that can be easily visualized at the electron microscope or determined experimentally with the use of tracers. Cell differentiation is also crucially modulated by exposure to shear stress.

• Controlled ratio of luminal to ablumenal volume.
• Small size, only 2.75 inches long.
• Electrodes built into the cartridge.

• Matches volume ratio found in vivo.
• Reduces the number of cells required.
• TEER measurements are easily made.
• One-time use, no rebuilding of the cartridge.
• Low cost.

• Hydrophobic capillaries Accurel® PP Q3/2 (optionally pre-coated with ProNectin® For Poly-DLysine)
• Trans-capillary pore size nominal: 0.2 µm
• Number of hollow fibers: 19
• Total lumen internal volume: 0.0123 in3 = 0.202 cm3
• Total lumen internal surface area: 2.09 in2 = 13.5 cm2
• Volume of extralumenal space (ECS): 0.070 in3 = 1.15 cm3
• Total hollow fiber area in ECS: 3.50 in2 = 22.6 cm2
• Cartridges are delivered in a sealed bag, sterile and wetted with distilled water.

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