Computer-controlled Perfusion System

The Flocel Quad Pump mimics the pulsitile action of the heart in this model. The Quad Pump contains four small, easily configurable, pulsitile pumps that allow continuous flow through the DIV-BBB model. Each pump is individually controlled, allowing up to four independent experiments to be conducted at one time.

• Flow rates and pump rates are independently controlled for four cartridges.
• External 24 VDC wall plug-in power supply.
• Receives program commands from TEER measurement system.

• Allows for four independent experiments.
• Minimizes heat inside incubator.
• Does not need an additional USB port.

Specifications for each of the four Linear Actuators
• Pump rate: 30-120 bpm
• Flow rate: 1-50 ml/min
• Power Cable: Controlled by TEER
• External +24 vdc Supply
• Control Cable: Controlled by TEER
• Power consumption: 7.5 W
• Weight: 5.8 oz

The Quad pump and its casing is made of the plastic Delrin; the pump also comes with its own tubing.

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