In vitro BBB Technology

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) explains why certain substances circulating in the blood are able to get into the brain and others do not. As determined by electron microscopy, the BBB is formed by brain capillaries that look like simple tubes of endothelial cells linked by tight junctions. The Flocel in vitro BBB is a tool that allows to reproduce in a flow-based 3D cell culture apparatus the essential properties of the human BBB, including the expression of metabolic and extrusion mechanisms responsible for multiple drug resistance to antiepileptic drugs, anti-tumor agents, etc.

The Flocel apparatus consists of hollow fibers (the artificial blood vessels) that are surrounded by an extracapillary space (the brain side). In addition to the cerebrovascular system, this apparatus can also be used to mimic the bone marrow, the placental barrier, or the CSF-blood barrier. In the case of modeling of bone marrow, the abluminal space is an ideal environment for the growth and differentiation of stem cells.

The Flocel DIV-BBB package contains: in vitro cell culture cartridges, a computer-controlled perfusion system, and a trans-endothelial electrical resistance (TEER) measurement module.

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