TEER Measurement

Trans-endothelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) Measurement Module

The Trans-Endothelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurement provides a quick and easy evaluation of the integrity of the Blood-Brain Barrier model. The DIV-BBB model has a TEER closer to that found in vivo, >1000 Ω-cm2 as opposed to the monolayer model that typically achieves a TEER of <200 Ω-cm2.

• Impedance measurement at multiple frequencies.
• Low voltages, 60 millivolts maximum.
• Automatic multiplexing of multiple cartridges.
• Two versions, PCI card or PCMCIA card.

• Characterize the resistance and capacitance of the barrier.
• Limits potentially damaging voltages to the barrier.
• Can handle up to 4 cartridges simultaneously.
• Can use either a desktop or laptop PC.

Computer System Requirements
• IBM compatible computer, 400 MHz or faster
• Windows 98SE or higher
• 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
• CD-ROM drive for installation
• One free USB port

The TEER Measurement System is sold with the measurement software, the required cable, and a mounting platform that can accommodate four DIV-BBB cartridges. The electrodes in the cartridge plug into the mating connectors in the platform. The system is shipped with four cartridges for initial evaluation.

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